Breeding Leonbergers


We have been breeding Leonbergers for 6 years now. For the first time we have been enraptured with them at an exhibition in Łódź. Soon we bought a puppy- a female dog Bellona. After a couple of months when she was older and would stay at backyard alone, she felt very lonely. She was sad.We have decided to buy her a female dog friend. We have ordered one in Czech and waited for her birth almost a year. Finally we came there to pick her. It was Corra. We already knew that she had been after a surgery.Bellona took care of her in an amazing way.She showed her our backyard and was very protective. She didn’t feel lonely. When bellona had first puppies, we brought a male dog Adonis from Czech. Adonis was only one day older than Bellona’s puppies so she adopted him and fed as her own. We left one puppy from those branch, it was Billa. It’s better when two puppies grow up together. Adonis and Billa were as one. Unfortunately at the time we lost our Corra. She couldn’t live anymore she felt a terrible pain. A year later left us Adonis. He had been poisoned. Billa felt very lonely after his death, they had been unseparable before. She stopped eating and became apathetic.To cheer her up we brought two dogs from different breeds –Bergo and Amor.

The youngest of our breed is Essej- Billa’s son. He was such a sweet puppy that we couldn’t resist and left him with us. Dżessi Dama is also a female dog from our own breed, she is Bellona’s younger daughter. We left her to have “complet”: three dogs and three females. Our leons don’t live in kennels, they don’t handle being closed. They can just walk around our backyard. At nights they sleep in a special building, it is is a special small house just for our dogs. For nights we separate our male dogs Bergo and Amor because they’re grown ups now and it is safer.When it is cold or it rains the “dogs house” is heated. Leonbergers don’t like moisture. Their fur must be dry, especially at night. Although they hair is long they like to lie down by a fireplace sometimes. They don’t like being combed but their fur should be taken care of all the time.We show them at different dogs exhibitions so we want not only the judges to like them but also those who come to watch the dogs at the exhibition. We also try to have our puppies confornable with the standartd of leonberger.We choose partners for our female dogs very carefully. Usually we go to cover abroad. We would love the breed to become more popular in Poland.

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