The history of Leonberger breed

Dog leonberger

Situated in the north of Germany near Stuttgard town Leonberg( the lion mountain) has got a lion in its coat-of-arms . The mair of the town Henrich Essing (1808-18890 was a great friend of animals and dogs breeder .Because he loved his town very much, he decided to make it famous all over the world , and create a new breed of dogs similar to the lion in the coat-of-arms of the town.

In 30’s in 19th century he “ met ” a black and white female new foundland with a long- hair male Saint Bernard dog and kept mixing those two breeds for three generations.In the fourth generation he added to a brand new breed the third breed of a dog- Pyrenean mountain dog. As a result Essing discovered huge, beautiful, long-hair dogs with different colours of hair, from golden, silver to white with black face.

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