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In 1895 there was found a Club of Leonberger, and 6 years later the first standard was worked out. The standard eliminated from breed of leonbergers white, white and black, and spotted dogs. Only dogs with plain and golden-red hair were accepted. After his ancestors leonberger inherited only good features of character. Saint Bernard Dog and New foundland gave him one feature which is absolute focusing on humans,also intelligence and sself confidence. Pyrenean Mountain dog gave him watchfulness, thanks to that he is an excellent but not noisy guard. After nowofunland he inherited a great passion to work in water and he is a great swimmer. He doesn’t bark without a reasonable reason, and his build, strenght and self confident reaction in the protection of his territory scares the intruders away.

Pies leonberger

He is not an aggressive dog, but may become aggressive when it has to protect its owner, especially children.As New foundland,leonberger hates lonelyness and long departures with its owner. Remember, if you are often away from home and you can’t take care of your dog, do not buy the breed! Leonberger feels rather well in kennels but only if it has a company of other dogs and has good contact with its owners.If you have only one dog, it should live at home with you as a member of your family. Leonbergers grow very fast, they are large and heavy.They need to be fed intensively, but you can’t let them be obese while they are growing up from puppies to adutt dogs, it may couse wrong build of bones. Walks should be reserved for puppies and youth dogs, we let them for more walks as they become older at the age of 9-12 months.

Pies leonberger

Puppies and youths can’t be taught any jumps and you should avoid coming down the stairs. Those are dogs easy in keeping, and taking care of long and tick hair is not very difficult. The breed –what is important-is immuned from different illnesses. The female dogs often have large amount of puppies from 8 to more. Raising so many puppies is very hardworking and it takes a lot of time and costs a lot. So before you have decided to let our female dog have puppies, first think well if you can handle all the duties connected with rasing puppies. You can’t sell leonbergers to people who can’t assure them family atmosphere.

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